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Dynamic Mat and Reformer Pilates studio based in the heart of Chatham, Medway


Experience the wonderful and life changing benefits of pilates

Flow Pilates Studio - Kent is conveniently located in the Medway Town of Chatham, with easy access from the A229. As the first dynamic Pilates studio of its kind in Medway, we proudly offer affordable Mat and Reformer Pilates classes.

At Flow Pilates Studio - Kent, we firmly believe that a healthy body and mind are fostered through the understanding that the mind-body connection is a fundamental aspect of Pilates. This connection allows for seamless transitions from one movement to another, resulting in a graceful and flowing practice.

Our classes are thoughtfully designed to strengthen your core, enhance your posture, and introduce you to the essential principles of mindful movement that Pilates encompasses. With passion and enthusiasm, we strive to guide our members on their journey of progress.

Our instructors are highly experienced in assisting individuals of all levels, whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced practitioner. During class, we provide clear and concise instructions, along with helpful corrections, to ensure that everyone can work safely and efficiently. Our unique teaching approach allows each person to personalize their practice according to their individual goals.

In addition to our classes, we also offer one-on-one sessions for those seeking a more personalized approach. Our experienced instructors are available to provide tailored advice and support to further develop your practice. Visit Flow Pilates Studio - Kent and embark on a transformative Pilates experience that will empower your mind and body.


Pilates classes for all abilities

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Beginner Mat Pilates Flow

This class is designed to introduce the fundamentals of the practice. We'll focus on concentration, breath, stability, posture and alignment; so it's perfect for those new to pilates, those who have been away for a while or those coming back from injury. Our instructors will provide modifications and options to help ensure all participants can practice pilates safely and comfortably. Join us and start your pilates journey!

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Intermediate Mat Pilates Flow
These classes offer the fundamentals of pilates to members of all abilities. Posture, alignment, breath concentration, stability and balance are thoroughly explored throughout each class. Props are used to help guide the participants in their practice (supplied by the studio). Modifications and options for various poses are also provided by the instructor to ensure that everyone can participate safely.

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Ageing Strong Pilates (55+)
An Ageing Strong Pilates class specifically designed for members of the community aged 55+. This is a slower paced, fun-filled experience that focuses on the fundamentals of pilates. Members will work on posture, alignment, breathing, balance, coordination, stability and joint flexibility with props like small pilates balls incorporated into their exercises. With this program, you can be sure to get the most out of your pilates experience!

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Reformer Pilates
Our 55 min classes are centred around the basic principles of Pilates whilst teaching a fitness-based reformer class. Classes will help support in enhancing and developing strength, endurance and posture.

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Private 1-2-1 Reformer Pilates
Reformer Pilates is an excellent way to challenge yourself by taking your practice a step further. With the support of our experienced instructors, you can work on enhancing core strength, flexibility and balance in a unique and fun way. We offer private 1-2-1 Reformer Pilates sessions that can be tailored to your specific needs and requirements. If you would like to book a private 1-2-1 Reformer Pilates session, please contact us at info@flowpilateskent.co.uk.

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Achilles 5k Run Club
All abilities welcome to our free and friendly run club. The session will be delivered by our resident in-house run coach, Bob who will be on hand to provide support and advice as needed. He will help you set realistic goals and build an achievable plan to reach them, while also teaching participants the proper running technique. The run club is focused on motivating and encouraging each other, making it a fun and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

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Taryne McPherson
- Founder of Pilates Studio Kent

At Flow Pilates Studio Kent, our dynamic boutique studio in Chatham is the first of its kind in Medway. As a fully qualified Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer, as well as a UKA Athletic Run Coach and holder of qualifications in pre and post natal exercise, kettlebell strength training, sports massage, and exercise for special populations including a certificate to teach pilates for Osteoporosis and pelvic floor health, I am eager to make exercise accessible to all. Our affordable classes are open to members of the community, with a safe and welcoming atmosphere that encourages physical and mental wellbeing.

I invite you to come and experience Flow Pilates Studio Kent for yourself! Take part in our classes, including a run club for all abilities, to start your journey towards physical and mental health. I guarantee that my studio will provide an environment full of encouragement, positivity and self-care. Let's keep our bodies and minds healthy together!

I look forward to welcoming you at Flow Pilates Studio Kent soon!

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